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Law on opportunities for participation, § 16i, Book II of the Code of Social Law

The MitArbeit team is responsible for the implementation of the law on opportunities for participation/§16i, Book II of the Code of Social Law, in the Siegen-Wittgenstein District Jobcenter.

It is available to all employers who are interested in implementing subsidised employment, answers open questions and advises on the implementation.

The team also prepares long-term unemployed people for taking up a subsidised job and supports them in their work through coaching tailored to their needs.


Support opportunities:

With wage cost subsidies for up to five years for employment subject to social insurance contributions, we support you to recruit people who are far removed from the labour market, who have already been receiving basic benefits for several years and are over 25 years old.

  • In the first two years of employment, the subsidy is 100 percent.
  • In the third year of employment, it is 90 percent.
  • In the fourth year of employment, it is 80 percent.
  • In the fifth year of employment, it is 70 percent.

For employers bound or covered by collective agreements, and employers who pay according to church labour law regulations, the wage subsidy is calculated on the basis of the salary paid; for other employers it is based upon the statutory minimum wage.


The costs of further training during the employment, up to 3,000 euros, may also be covered.

During the employment, we will organise and finance coaching for the employee.



If you have any questions about the law on opportunities for participation/§16i, Book II of the Code of Social Law, 
please contact one of our MitArbeit team members.

Mr Schmitges 
Project coordinator
Tel: 0271/38469 – 102

Mr Terborg
Placement officer
Tel: 0271/38469 – 103

Ms Jung
Placement officer
Tel: 0271/38469 – 104

Mr Ballbach
Placement officer
Tel: 0271/38469 – 105

Or e-mail us at


You can find the flyer for the program here.