Jobcenter Siegen-Wittgenstein



Requirements for Accommodation and Heating

Requirements for accommodation and heating are approved with regard to the actual amounts spent, provided these are appropriate. The precondition for the assumption of accommodation costs is that these costs are actually incurred.

  • The following are classed as accommodation: rented flats/apartments, owner-occupied flats/apartments, owner-occupied houses, emergency and homeless accommodation, women’s’ refuges, hotel/guest house rooms, boats, caravans and mobile homes.
  • The appropriateness of the costs follows from the number of people in the dependent household, the size of the accommodation, the rental price per square metre, as well as the heating costs and hot water costs. The levels of appropriate costs are determined by the Siegen-Wittgenstein district authorities based on the criteria for the provision of social housing, local rent and nationwide heating cost levels.
  • The assumption of costs which arise in relation to moving house (housing procurement costs, removal costs and rent deposit), may also be assumed by the benefit provider given prior written consent.
  • Additional requirements for hot water preparation as per Section 21 para. 7 SGB II (decentralised hot water generation, installed appliances such as small water storage heaters).
  • Costs for electricity (domestic electricity) are already covered as part of the general requirements and therefore do NOT constitute accommodation costs.


Exceeding the appropriate rent

If you live in an inappropriately expensive flat, the actual costs may possibly be assumed for an initial period (maximum 6 months). At the same time you are obligated to reduce your accommodation costs to an appropriate level, for example by subletting or moving. You must comply with this obligation within a period which is determined whilst taking your personal circumstances into account. If, despite an extensive search for a sub-tenant or alternative flat you are unable to do reduce the rent costs within the deadline, this deadline may be extended.

Once the deadline has expired, only the appropriate costs can be assumed for your accommodation.

Your efforts to lower costs must be supported by presentation of appropriate proof.


Moving while receiving benefits

While receiving benefits you are obligated to inform Jobcenter des Kreis Siegen-Wittgenstein immediately and in advance of every change of address, irrespective of whether you are moving within the district or to another district authority – before you sign a new rental contract please contact you benefits caseworker at the Jobcenter.