Jobcenter Siegen-Wittgenstein



To ensure subsistence costs are met Jobcenter Kreis Siegen-Wittgenstein offers the following benefits and services:

  • Unemployment Benefit II for people requiring support and capable of work aged between 15 and the retirement age of between 65 and 67 years (in accordance with Section 7a SGB II)

  • Welfare payments for relatives not capable of gainful employment living in the same household unit as the employable individual requiring welfare assistance

  • Contributions towards sickness, care and pension insurance

  • Benefits and services for additional subsistence requirements

  • Requirements for accommodation and heating, provided these are appropriate (please see the notes under the heading “Tenancy”)


One-off benefits and services for:

  • Equipment starter pack for a flat, including household appliances

  • Equipment starter pack for clothing and equipment starter pack for pregnancy and birth

  • Purchase and repair of orthopaedic shoes, repairs of therapeutic equipment and appliances, as well as rental of therapeutic equipment


Benefits and services in accordance with Section 28 SGB II – Training and Participation



Unemployment Benefit II is always an individual benefit payment that as far as is possible under the law takes personal circumstances into account. Please contact your caseworker immediately with regard to any questions and changes relating to personal and financial circumstances (for example the wish to move house, birth of a child, marriage, partner moving in or out, changes in earnings, assets)


In such cases, please use the service phone number for Jobcenter Kreis Siegen Wittgenstein:

0271-38469-100               Siegen/Northern/Southern Regions

02751-92045-100             Altkreis Wittgenstein (Old District)