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Representative for “Equal Opportunities in the Labour Market”

Parents and carers are often disadvantaged when trying to access the labour market. There are difficulties in ensuring adequate child care or care for relatives is put in place and the flexibility required of the labour market as a consequence can often barely be achieved.

In the majority of cases it is women who take a career break for parenting or caring. After long-term career breaks, clear disadvantages arise when trying to access employment.

In order reduce the inequalities in opportunities in the long-term - especially between men and women when accessing the labour market, the legislator stipulated in Section 18e of the Social Security Statute Book II (SGBII) that Representatives for “Equal Opportunities in the Labour Market” (BCA) be put in place.

At the Jobcenter Kreis Siegen- Wittgenstein the BCA supports recipients of Unemployment Benefit II (ALGII), employers and staff in matters concerning:

  • the promotion of women

  • the equal treatment of men and women in the labour market, as well as

  • the “Compatibility of Family and Work” for both sexes.

In particular this includes questions regarding training and further training, entering employment and career progress for women and re-joining for men and women after raising a family or caring for a family member.

In addition, men and women are given targeted support in gender-neutral career choice. This is because until now men have formed the majority of workers in mathematical, engineering, scientific and technical jobs whereas women are over-represented in care and educational posts.

This all adds up to consultancy services and information provision on topics such as child care, part-time training, support possibilities, flexible working models, as well as legal advice on dealing with or for parents and carers.

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