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Here you will be able to find the forms you will need for applications for Basic Security Benefits, for the “Training and Participation Package” as well as information on the topic of “Family and Work” to download.


Basic Security Benefits

You will find all the current application forms for Basic Security Benefits and the instructions for filling out the forms on the homepage of the Federal Employment Agency.


Translations of the application forms and the instructions for completing the forms are available (by pressing the green question mark button) in the following languages:

Deutsch | English | Türkçe | Pусский | العربیة | Polski | ελληνική | Hrvatskom | Español | Srpskom | Italiano | Français | Português | български | Română



Information according data protection (GDPR)

General Data Protection Regulation in the scope of SGB II (PDF)



Training and Participation Package

Antrag Bildung und Teilhabe

Antrag Schule Mittagessen

Zusatzfragebogen Lernförderung

Antrag Kita Siegen Mittagessen



Family and Work

Flyer Schwangerschaft Geburt Familie

Link-Liste für Eltern

Offene Sprechstunde

Netzwerk ABC