Jobcenter Siegen-Wittgenstein

Training and Participation Package

Training and Participation Package for Benefits and Services in accordance with Section 28 of Social Security Statute Book II

The benefits and services contained in the “Training and Participation Package” are intended to promote and support children and young people from low-income families.


The benefits and services in the “Training and Participation Package” comprise of the following:

School outings/Class trips
Costs for one day outings and multi-day class trips
School equipment package
Providing personal school materials, the school equipment package comprises 2 payments
on the 1st August every year           100.00 Euros
on the 1st February every year          50.00 Euros
Pupil transport costs
Costs for necessary pupil transport
Educational support
Supplementary educational support for pupils, if the school does not offer this
Lunch provision
Supplement towards costs over and above beneficiary’s own contribution for food or children in schools, child day-care facilities and general day-care
Social and cultural participation
Supplements towards club, cultural or holiday activities
The requisite application can be obtained from Jobcenter Kreis Siegen-Wittgenstein or directly from the Siegen-Wittgenstein district authorities.
The following link also has further information and the necessary forms:

Service phone numbers for Jobcenter Kreis Siegen Wittgenstein
0271-38469-101                (Siegen/Northern/Southern Regions)
02751-92045-101              (Altkreis Wittgenstein (Former District of Wittgenstein))